The perfect pair of heels on a budget from Zara

zara heels

Heej med jer skønne mennesker,

Her kommer et lille oplæg om nogle ret lækre stiletter, som at jeg har fået anskaffet mig fra Zara. De er det helt perfekte eksempel på noget minimalistisk men også lidt edgy. Jeg synes hælen på dem er helt vildt god, da den stadig giver et feminint touch men heller ikke er alt for høj. Derfor synes jeg sagtens man kan bruge denne stilet fra zara til hverdag. Jeg synes generelt at sko fra Zara er super lækre, prisen er nemlig god og så synes jeg faktisk, at deres sko er helt vildt behagelige at have på iforhold til så mange andre brands, der nogen gange kan være dyrere.

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Animal print: The best womens ankle boot trends for fall 2018

animal print


Hey girls,

This season animal print has really been everywhere, if you walk into Zara you almost can’t miss all the snakeskin and leopard items hanging around in the store, I also think it’s maybe a bit much this season as you honestly can’t get any other print on clothes nowadays.


Animal print ankle boots,

are so hyped this fall season of 2018, you’ve probably seen them around in leopard, and especially snakeskin. I’m of course totally obsessed with them, as I have always loved shoes that stand out in your outfit. The best daily outfit in my eyes; is a black dress with some cool boots, simple as that.


animal print

Snakeskin ankle boots from Zara, get them right her

I’m also really a fan of mixing prints, which is super Scandinavian lately (…I heard), the more the better. I know that it probably breaks a lot of fashion rules, but to be honest it’s also okay to break rules sometimes, right babes?

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world….

animal print

Snakeskin ankle boots from Bukela, get them right her

But back to the animal print ankle boots, I have now 3 pairs in my collection, and they have replaced my obsession with sock boots. I really think Zara has a great selection of animal print ankle boots which I also had to invest in as soon as I saw the snakeskin collection (first picture above). The leopard boot (see below) and light snakeskin boot (Look above) is from a brand called Bukela, which I have been working with for quite some months now. I really looove their shoes, and maybe you remember a pair of yellow sandals I would wear all the time this summer.. Yup they are also from that brand.

Why do I love Bukela shoes, that’s honestly a very simple answer: They don’t hurt my feet. I always, and I really mean always have trouble buying new boots, sneakers, sandals (especially) because new shoes always hurt my feet very bad. I think it really depends on brands but I even tried on Balenciaga boots (I’m so obsessed with the buckle black boots) and they hurt just by trying on and no I don’t say it because I wanna make a statement or whatever, it’s really the truth.


animal print

Leopard ankle boots from Bukela, get them right her

Comment below on which one of the boots from above you like the most? I would love to know your opinion. <3

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