Amsterdam: Mine seneste uger tilbragt i Amsterdam i billeder.

Heej i skønne mennesker derude, her kommer en lille hilsen fra Amsterdam.

Jeg har ikke været så aktiv på det seneste grundet at jeg simpelthen har haft så travlt med holde fri. haha 😀 Ja, det lyder måske skørt. Men jeg har virkelig bare haft brug for at koble fra. Og ikke tænke på så meget andet end, hvad det næste jeg skal spise bliver. Men derfor tænkte jeg alligevel at i ikke skulle snydes fra at se, hvad jeg har haft gang i. Så derfor bliver dette indlæg super kort, men med mange billeder fra de sidste par uger i Amsterdam.




Hugs & Kisses

5 apps for editing instagram photos

Before and after editing

Heey babes,

So as many of you probably know the secret to get a nice consistency on your Instagram profile is to have a beautiful feed, with a red thread. That is why I in this post will give you 5 apps for editing your Instagram photos. I’ve personally changed my feed’s look hundreds of time, trying to find myself and how I want to present myself. Also as an influencer you kinda need to follow trends aswell and create some personal content from that. I must admit that my feed kinda reflects the times in my life pretty good, from November to March I did a very dark monochrome filter, and that had probably something to do with me not being the best me for a while. But it’s all getting better now, and I’m now using a lot of warm colors and lighting. Funny how it can reflect your life right?

But back to business! – The app’s I use are:

  1. VSCO
  2. Facetune
  3. Snapseed
  4. RNI Film
  5. Camerabag

And it depends on the picture how many of the app’s I use and how much. RNI Film and Camerabag is mostly if I want the vintage looks, which is actually not so often anymore as I can give it that grain look with the other app’s aswell.


You can find different kind of filters on Pinterest actually, if you just search “Instagram cold filters” for example, then a lot of examples on how you can make your feed look like that will come up. It’s super smart! – I often do that just to get inspired on how to edit my photos. VSCO gives you a lot of oppertunities but to get the fullest out of the app I definitely recommend buying more filters in it because the free ones are already being used a lot or it’s the payed ones that are the key to your ned glamourous feed!!

2. Facetune

This app is quite popular and allows you to do a looot of editing, maybe a little too much in my opinion! I’ve honestly tried to meet up with some Instababes where they did not look like themselves.. or rather did not look like on their pictures.. and that’s thanks to this app. You can make yourself thiner, give yourself longer legs, and also place filters only on selected sections on your photo, just use the “Wipe” tool to erase the filter where you do not want it to appear. But yes with this app you can definitely continue eating cheeseburgers and fries and make yourself look like a “Victoria Secret Model”. But I think you should be real to yourself also on photos, so be careful with not changing too much. You look perfect as you are!! <3

3. Snapseed

If you haven’t heard of this app yet, then this is the time! Because this app is really the shit, you can edit your photos so you don’t mess with the whole photo but just specific sections of it that you choose yourself! So if you for example want the sky to be lighter you can use the “Selective tool” which you can place on the sky to make it lighter. How awesome is that?! Maybe I’m like super behind with it in this world, but it definitely helped on stepping up my Instagame!

4. RNI Films

The name stands for “Really nice images” and that is for sure true! With this app you can edit your photos really nicely! But I’ve used it mostly for the “Dust” function, which give you this popular vintage look of your photo being a little ruined with texture on it. I’m not so much into the other features it contains, but if you are looking for an easy “dust overlay” to your photos without using photoshop then this is the app to use!

5. Camerabag

This app is cool for  different kinds of old vintage frames, so you can actually make your picture look like a polaroid or old filmroll. I’ve done that a few times to add a little extra creativity to the photo, and lately there has been a bit of a hype with doing so with your photos. So download it and play around, it also has some nice filter which you can use.

Here are my before and after editing results:

I used Snapseed and VSCO.

As you can see it’s mostly the ligthing I play around with, I want to keep it as real as possible with my photos, so it really reflects the moment, me and how I look.

Here are 2 other photo editing apps that I will start playing a little with (Maybe you already know them):

I hope you liked this post, give me some feedback or if you have any questions please just let me know and I will try helping you as much as I can. !

Hugs & kisses



Julia X Wulfthang Collaboration

Julia Matyjasek

Heey guys,

So maybe you’ve already seen some of the photos on Instagram, but in February I did a collaboration with an Aarhus based photographer, which also my good friend and I’ve known her for some years. But she agreed on doing a shoot with me, and I just love the results! We did the shoot in an old laundarette here in Aarhus. I chose some styles from home and we just started shooting. I really loved the contrast from normally me being “the photographer” and “The one in the picture” … you know telling my mom, friends or boyfriend what to do.. and with “Wulfthang” it was just amazing because she had really great ideas with her and did a lot of research. I will definitely work with her again!

I think my first words were “I’m no model, so you have to make me look good!” hahah … and she sure did! <3

Here are some of the photos we found as the best ones:

You can see the ones I used on my Instagram profile right here: @juliamatyjasek

Hugs & kises