Hii babes,

The best solution for your new wardrobe is right here in this blog post.

I’m so obsessed with my new wardrobe in my Amsterdam home, that I just had to dedicate a whole post to it. First of all, I’ve been looking for something that looks cool, is modern, but also practical, that’s also not a closed closet, as I like having a good overview of what I have and of course it can’t take up a lot of space.

Luckily I got the answer to that! – Which is simply a Rackbuddy

They honestly have the coolest designs of racks for clothes made out of pipes. It’s so edgy and cool that I completely fell in love with it when I first heard about it. Also, the possibilities are great within their selection. You can choose some of the ones they already have, but also design your own walk-in closet, what? yes, how cool is that? I find that pretty awesome.

About our new home

Unfortunately, the possibilities in my new home are kinda limited, I can’t hang that many things on the wall and it’s also very small, if you know Amsterdam, you know what I’m talking about – let me explain.. the houses here are just in a very poor standard as they are super old. So that’s why we had to go with the already designed versions.. but hey they are also really, really cool.

My new Instagram profile, you have to follow! 

If you like to see more interior, decor or just “stalk” my new home, I created a whole Instagram page only for my Amsterdam home –> @juliamatyjasek_home  where my boyfriend and I share pictures of decorations, furniture and just the cute vibes from our little 60sqm city apartment. After 6 months of not having our own base in the Netherlands, we are so happy to finally have this place that we can call our home.


We are so happy, because…

It’s crazy how our mood, energy, and routines changed after we moved in, which was the 3rd of December. We are way happier and socializing, but also my motivation for the blog and Instagram went 110% up! and it’s not a secret that I made sure that our new home is totally Instagram friendly of course.

Wardrobe update

It’s not done yet, but… 

I have to be honest! I can’t wait to show you guys more and get it totally finished with decorating, as we are still waiting for some furniture we ordered. Yeah, apparently those kinds of things take a long time to wait for for.. like 10-12 weeks! When I heard that I was like in shock. But when we receive it, I hope that we are going to be super happy about it and that it fits, hahaha:) so stay tuned on @juliamatyjasek_home 


Two levels of magic… 

But for now, please enjoy the pictures of my new wardrobe that I am totally obsessed with, oh and honestly the two-level part of this rack buddy is insanely smart!! I can fit so many clothes, and it’s so organized. Yaay 😀

Links for the @rackbuddy is below:

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot Tøjstativ

I chose 2 of those racks, in the sizes 120cm and 150cm as that would fit my wall exactly. The little hanger for your bags is counted as part of the 120/150cm. You can also get one, that is even bigger: 180cm. But we wanted to have to parts for the long dresses and jackets each.


Hugs & Kisses