Animal print: The best womens ankle boot trends for fall 2018

3 of the biggest failures I’ve experienced as an Instagram influencer

Hii babes,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday and a fantastic new years eve. I’m all in my reflection process over the last year right now and therefore I’m Maybe it will even help some of you to understand that you are either not alone, or help you with getting back on earth like me to become a super girl boss. haha 🙂


Instagram failures of 2018


1: Saying yes to everything.


Saying yes to things that do not fit with your vision and purpose. It’s very common, I’ve seen a lot of other influencers doing it, it happened to me as well. I was afraid of saying no because I thought that it was the essence to grow. Even if there was no money offered, I would still say yes because I had the thought, that by collaborating with this brand I would grow more. I was not aligned with my own purpose. When a brand proposes a deal, you should take a step back and think of how your feelings are aligned with the purpose of the collaboration. I recently decided to quit a collaboration because I couldn’t vouch for the quality of the brand. (I’m not going to mention the brand).

2: Comparing myself to others.


This is one is a bit tricky, and I want to make a whole blog post about it, because I think it’s a problem, in general, we people have. I’ve had this all along my studies and in my social life as well. It’s a lack of self-confidence and I’m willing to admit that now. I’m just in a place right now in my life where I can’t compare myself to others as it affects my own business. It’s okay to get inspiration from others which I definitely think is part of being an influencer, you influence and you get influenced of course in your daily life. But moving back to Amsterdam and surrounding myself with people who love me, and want the best for me, definitely changed my perspective of what I want to accomplish with my Instagram life.

3: Using too much time on increasing my following.


Yes, you heard it, right girl, I’ve used countless hours following and unfollowing users on Instagram, and for what? Yes it gave me some extra followers, but not the ones I really want. Also focusing on growing all the time really made me forget about all you loyal followers that daily keep up to date with my post. You guys are the key to my Instagram, and I really understand that now. So for you guys, I’m creating my content. And there is a lot of awesome things coming up. I’m planning on sharing a lot about how to grow your Instagram, what tools and apps to use and edit your photos.

I’m going to share all the goods with you, so please stay tuned and if there is anything, in particular, you would like to know, I’m always right on the other side to answer your questions on the comments below or on my e-mail

Hugs & Kisses

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