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Travel: New beginnings and upcoming travel destinations


Heey my loves,

In this post I wanted to share with you some new beginnings and upcoming travel destinations that are happening for me very soon. I’m at point in my life where a lot of changes are going to happen. I’m stressing a bit out but I’m also super excited for everything that is going to happen.


I’ve sold my soul!

Okay, I’m maybe exaggerating a bit! Although a new beginning in my Instagram/blogger life is that I’ve signed a contract with Bloggers Delight, so from now on I will be a premiumblogger on their platform. I can’t wait to be a part of their community. You will therefor see a lot of new changes to the blog and maybe also some bugs :S so please bare with me in this process! I want the blog to be perfect for you guys.


I’m moving!

One of the biggest latest news is that a few days ago I shared on my Instastory that I got in to the It University of Copenhagen on a Master in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies (Neeeerd! – yes I know!). But it’s super interesting and to be fair I cannot wait to become smarter in the field of UX Design.


Practical shit needs to happen!

I hate figuering out practical stuff.. It’s seriously my weakness! I hate planning and thinking about the future! But unfortunately I sometimes have to surrender. In this case I already have a lot new practical changes that need to happen before September. The biggest change is of course moving to Copenhagen and finding an apartment over there, which is crazy hard! I have a positive mindset about that, so I know that we will be fine but it’s still a lot of stress. Then I already have a friend who is going to take over my apartment so that is also figured out. Then we are going to stay with my mom for some time before going for holidays.  We are actually going to stay with my boyfriends family for the summer.


So what the hell is my problem and why the F*** am I stressing!?

Honestly I think I’m just scared! This time that I’m moving I know it’s for a longer period of time. I’m going back to be a student. I’m afraid of if I’m smart enough, if I can handle the pressure and study and if I will get any new friends. 😀 😀 (hahaha) 

Writing all my negative thoughts has helped me a bit, actually to seeing the bigger picture. That is that I’m one lucky son of a bitch! New things are happening and I even get to travel to the one destination that I have been missing the most lately.


Upcoming travel destinations: 

If you don’t know it yet then my boyfriend is Dutch so, I?m going to The Netherlands for the summer. It makes me smile every second of the day just thinking about it! I can?t wait to see all my friends and enjoy walking around in A?dam and R?dam. Do any of you also just have a city that makes you this excited?


Hugs & Kisses

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