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Eyelash Extensions: Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions

Heey babes,

As you maybe have seen on Instagram story I’ve lately had eyelash extensions done. I’m so happy with the result so I thought I would share with you some of the thoughts I had before doing it and how my experience was and is with it now.

I had my eyelash extensions done at “Lashes_Aarhus” which now actually have an opening offer of only 290kr. for a new pair of lashes. Then for a refill it’s only 249kr. Which is like the cheapest I’ve ever seen! The lash artist is a super sweet girl and newly educated with a perfectionist mindset, what’s not to love!? <3 It’s being done in her own house a bit outisde of Aarhus, and the atmosphere is really cozy. I felt super relaxed and I must admit I fell asleep for a little while.

Eyelash Extensions: Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions

I’ve set up this post with questions I had before getting my eyelash extensions done, so I hope you can use it to maybe get some of your questions asnwered. Lashes_aarhus have been super good in answering them so I will share them with you.


Why getting eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

(I’ve done single lash extensions which means basically that I’ve had single lashes applied on my lashes).


How long does it take and how long do they last?

Plan on about two hours or even up to two and a half hour. Follow up “fill” appointments, which you?ll need after about three to four weeks, take about an hour. Lash extensions are luxury once they?re on, but in the longer term they can be a bit pain in the ass. You can?t DIY them, so you have to expect to spend hours laying on a table if you commit to them. Generally lash extensions are only applied to the upper lid. If you are used to use mascara on the lower lid aswell it takes sometime to get used to not see yourself with mascara on the lower lid. But you can of course apply it aswell it’s just super hard to take of without harming the upper lid. So I suggest getting used to not putting it on the lower lid. My bestfriend suggeste to put on some eyebrow shadow on the lower lids or color them with henna before getting your lashes done.


What type of lash extensions should I get? 

There are different types of lashes. Lash extensions come in materials ranging from silk to mink to synthetics. Depending on what your lash artist use you can  together talk about what kind of results you want and what materials will be best on you. My lash artist adds dimension by texturizing lashes using a combination of lengths. Lashes that are too heavy can cause the real lashes to fall out, therefor the first time of applying the lashes the artist will usually apply less to see how your lashes are handling it and after a while if your lashes are doing good the next time you will have fill appointment the artist can add more lashes to the look.


How much do they cost? 

Cost varies widely, depending on where you live, what brand lashes the artist uses, and how in-demand the artist is. In the bigger cities it will always be more expensive compared to smaller cities where the popularity maybe is not that big. try to google some places and see what their prices are and how you can get to some maybe a little further away.


Do they damage your own lashes? 

Everything you apply on your body that is not natural can damage your body. Mascara can damage your eyelashes if you don’t remove it every night, if you get your nails done, it will also damage your own nails no matter how good of nail artist is doing it. The same counts for eyelash extensions, something unnatural is applied on your lashes and it will of course provoke a little your own lashes. It depends individually on how strong your lashes are, but if you do what you need in taking care of them and not rubbing your eyes all the time, then it should be okay with the lasting of them.

Also another important fact which makes very good sence is that we loose 10-15 lashes each day, that’s a hell lot! and by having eyelash extensions on you, you get to see/notice it even more. So that is why many might be panicing about it in the beginning and saying it’s because it’s damaging. There are also chances that you can be allergic to the glue, but you can test that 48 hours before applying the lashes. Lashes_aarhus where I got mine done, can do an allergy test for you for free, 48 hoursw before applying the lashes.


How do they feel like?

Before I had them done I thought it would feel like having fake eyelashes on, and some people also feel lashes as being a bit heavy on their eyes. But I actually don’t feel anything an almost forget throughout the day that I have them on. I think it depends on how fragile your eyes are, what kind of lashes you get and how much is applied.


After care

Fhe first 24 hours of just havinbg the lashes done you are not supposed to make lashes wet. that meaning no sweating, bathing, fitness or rain. hahaha 😀 after the 24 hours are done you can get back to your normal routines also with removing makeup etc.

If you’re a stomach or side sleeper, lash extensions may be challenging because they can get distorted and mashed up. (That’s basically my life right now). Even if you?re a back sleeper, it?s a good idea to have a lash brush to gently straighten things out in the morning, otherwise it can look a bit messy.

As mentioned earlier, you?ll need to go in for fill appointments approximately every four weeks. Your lashes fall out and new ones grow in, your lashes will start to look uneven if some have extensions and some don?t.


So this was everything I find important of knowing before getting the lashes done and after, I hope you liked the post. If you liked this post maybe you will also like to read all about how I keep my skin hydrated througout the summer in my post about “5 face care tips for dehydrated skin”


Hugs & Kisses


Hugs & Kisses

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