Morocco #Day3

Luxury Camp in The Sahara Desert

Heey sweeties,

I’ve never thought in a million years that I would experience something like this in my life ! I’m so greatful and happy, and these memories are something I will remember for life.

Sahara Desert

Camel rides and sunset in The Sahara Desert, what more can you ask for?! Oh yeah and ATV driving in the desert aswell. So much fun I don’t even know where to start because in only 24 hours I got to experience so many amazing things that also were on my bucketlist! Thanks “Royal Air Maroc” ! and “Le Prestige Magazine” for these amazing experiences!

Camel Trip

When we finally arrived to the desert after a super long day in the bus with a many stops on the way, we were all way too excited to finally get on those cute camels for ride throughout the desert and see the sunset. We got dropped off the camels and I must say taking my shoes of and walking through the sand was just a perfect feeling that I will never forget. We climbed on a high sand mountin to see the sunset and enjoyed the peace and beautiful nature around us.


Luxury Camp in the desert

We stayed at “Borj Merzouga luxury tents” which are tents but very luxurious kinds, with a big kingsize bed, bath and toilette. I was really a big fan, and I want to bring my boyfriend there one day as it really was an amazing and cozy experience being in those tents. They even had power and wifi!! That’s like really awesome!

Breakfast & Sunrise in Sahara

The next morning (in my opinion night) we got up at 6.50 to see the sunrise and eat breakfast outside, so amazing … But a little cold.

ATV Riding in The Sahara Desert

GTA, TVA, ATT, TVT, ATV …. Yes this vehicle had a lot of names in between us girls, we honestly said the name of it wrong maybe all the time hahaha 🙂 Whaaat can I say, a group of girls not having a clue on what this machine can do… But we ended up jumping on anyway and I was so lucky that I didn’t drive because I don’t have a driverslicense soooo… I have no clue on how machines like that work.. and it would have ended bad!! So luckily I was driving on the back of @malinakragmann and we had so much fuuun, she is definitely a badass on a thing like that. But driving in that kind of soft sand is just magical and definitely something I can recommend trying if ever going to Sahara Desert. We had one hour to drive in, and there was a guide in front of us all the time deciding the speed limit, so for us wildhearted childs it maybe went a bit slow, but there were some girls that found the speed good enough! We had a stop on our way where we could take some cool biker pictures of us on the ATV, below are some photos from the day.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Sahara trip, as this probably was my highlight of the trip.

You can read about my last day in Morocco here: “Last Day In Morocco #Day4″


Hugs & Kisses



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