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Contour with MAX & MORE beauty pallet | Tips on how to highlight like a queen


Hiii loves,

When I was living in the Netherlands I got totally obsessed with the shop called “Action” it is like the cheapest shop ever and they have everything you need like for home shopping, some food, snacks, beauty, and school stuff. It’s like IKEA but cheaper and smaller (Much love for shit like that).

One time my friend and I went to the store Action and we found this cute beauty palette from Max&More for 1.99? and we didn´t even have to think twice before we both took one each. I must admit I’ve always been a MAC Cosmetics girl but the name almost looked the same and also the packaging so what the hell I bought it.. and it has honestly been the best buy ever for 1.99?!


contour contour

So honestly I’ve been using the blushes more like eyeshadow than blush, and now I just saw Kim K becoming a fan of using pink eyeshadow, and it looks super cool. I started to use a red eyeshadow when I was living in Amsterdam, but somehow I got out of it, and I can see it’s trending now sooo.. I think I need to play around with these blushes and mix and match them a bit.


I’ve totally used up the highlighter in the palette and the bronzers and I can’t find any that are as good as those. So what to do, I’m desperate after finding the palette again that I contacted the brand themselves to see if they sell them somewhere online! (When I want something, I go beyond everything to get it) 😀


The Bronzers have the perfect colors, and I’ve used almost all of them up, except the first one from the left side as there is some shimmer in it, but I think it could be good as an eyeshadow aswell.

So my point with this post is that not always the expensive trending brands are best, you can easily find something that is as good and last long. I was lucky to find this palette, and as soon as I find out where to get it I will let you know, but I just had to share it.

But for now I’ve found this one that look a like “Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette” which you can find; her

Hugs & kisses



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Hugs & Kisses

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