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Julia X Wulfthang Collaboration

Julia Matyjasek

Heey guys,

So maybe you’ve already seen some of the photos on Instagram, but in February I did a collaboration with an Aarhus based photographer, which also my good friend and I’ve known her for some years. But she agreed on doing a shoot with me, and I just love the results! We did the shoot in an old laundarette here in Aarhus. I chose some styles from home and we just started shooting. I really loved the contrast from normally me being “the photographer” and “The one in the picture” … you know telling my mom, friends or boyfriend what to do.. and with “Wulfthang” it was just amazing because she had really great ideas with her and did a lot of research. I will definitely work with her again!

I think my first words were “I’m no model, so you have to make me look good!” hahah … and she sure did! <3

Here are some of the photos we found as the best ones:

You can see the ones I used on my Instagram profile right here: @juliamatyjasek

Hugs & kises



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