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Rotterdam hotspots: A guide to 9 Instagram worthy places In Rotterdam

Heey sweeties,

This is a guide to 9 Instagram hotspots In Rotterdam. The guide will help you in getting to know, where the hotspots are, like cafés, restaurants, locations, shops etc. And the next time you are in Amsterdam, maybe you can find time to see Rotterdam, as it is definitely worth a visit with it’s beautiful modern architecture and cool places to go and see.

So here is my way of spending an “Instagram Saturday” in Rotterdam through pictures! 

1.Central station

If you take the train from Amsterdam Central it’s only about 17? with the fast train, and takes about 45min. So, after 45 minutes of staring in front of you blindly in the train you end up in one of the most modern buildings of Rotterdam, Central station. Inside and outside are just simply beautiful, the architecture is perfect to perform as a background for a post. It is not like any other station in the world, it looks like it came straight out of the future. One small detail is that you need to get out on the right side, I personally think that the city of Rotterdam didn?t? have enough money to finish it so they just said fuck it, it?s done. The colour of central station is mainly monochrome, perfect for dark pictures. But if you walk for 10 minutes into the city centre you stumble upon a colourful place, which doesn?t fit in the city centre at all but it looks like it has always been there.


2.Pink wall & Yellow stairs

After a small search in the city centre you will find one of the hidden treasures in Rotterdam, the pink wall and yellow “Luchtsingel”, which means “air canal”. The yellow stairs look super cool and out of place but somehow still in place. The same counts for the pink wall. The contrast with the rest of the city is so big that it is simply cool! A nice detail about the yellow stairs is that company?s but also people could get their name engraved in the wood. In that way those would be a part of Rotterdam forever. I find it so beautiful and if I was a citizen in Rotterdam I would have called it Julia?s bridge! My name would have been everywhere!! Then if you walk over the bridge you stumble on another hidden treasure, the pink wall of Rotterdam. Who doesn?t want a pink wall as their background for one of their Instagram posts? It?s a girl?s dream! You must be a little athletic or have a strong boyfriend to lift you up so that you can make your pose and rock the pink wall as a background. Then after this workout you definitely need a cup of coffee, and I know the perfect place!

3.Pierre Brasserie

This is the ultimate Instagram hotspot with amazing food, French vibes, beautiful interior and most important drinks. One point that needs to be mentioned is that the floor is just magnificent, it is made from mosaic. Because of all those points you can find all the hottest Instagram influencers here. Funny enough you can point them out, they dress super chique, are taking photos of the coffee and the surroundings and sometimes even let their boyfriend get almost killed to take a photo of them sitting there. After this well-deserved break with a fantastic cup of coffee and you did your posting on Instagram, it?s time to move on for some shopping.

4.Meent street

If you walk into the street called ?Meent? you will first pass by a new Ace & Tate store which is definitely worth a visit. Just go in have a look, maybe try on some sunglasses and cry at the price tag. When you?re done crying or you’re walking out with shame in your body because you couldn?t resist the sunglasses walk further into the street Meent, where you will get tempted to spend more money because of the big variety of shops that are in this street. If you want to play it safe you quickly go inside one of the bars. My personal favourite is ?Thoms? here they sell my dirty pleasure; cheese sticks out of the frying pan!! The street is not the most perfect place to take photos but it is worth a visit just to feel the vibe and look at the city. If you want a place where they combine food and spots to take photos ?Oude Haven? (See nr. 6) is your place to go.

5. Markthal

But before you get to “The Oude Haven” you will se a big building that looks like it’s coming straight out of a sci-fi movie. You will feel weirdly attracted to it because it is so big, so out of place but it is still fitting with the amazing modern architecture in Rotterdam. What you are feeling attracted to, is what the locals call “De Markthal”. The name says it already; it’s a big market hall with a big variety of food, drinks and art. If you go inside of it and look up at the ceiling it is filled with these crazy graphic illustartions of different animals and flowers. it looks super cool!

6. Oude Haven

In this little hidden place, they have some good restaurants where they serve a variety of food and drinks. If you want a nice lunch spot go to ?Kade4?, but if you want to go fancy and need a cocktail ?Stockholm? is your place to go. All the restaurants are located next to water, which makes a very cool place to take some photos for your Instagram feed. If you walk out of the Oude Haven you will see an iconic bridge of Rotterdam, The Erasmus Bridge. The bridge and the view are really magical and definitely Instagram picture worthy.

7. La Buvette

I think this must be a typical Instagram hotspot in Rotterdam like “Pierre brasserie” mentioned in nr. 3. This place has the perfect parisian vibe and looks extremely fancy and posh which is also reflected a bit in the prices. But I think it’s definitely worth  to go and grab a lunch or just a delicious cup of cappuccino YUUUM 😉 You can really capture some great photos in this place, and is super popular among Dutch influencers so maybe you will meet some while you are having your lunch.

La Buvette Rotterdam

La Buvette Rotterdam Entraance

8. Witte de Withstraat

This is probably the cultural heart of Rotterdam! I was lucky enough to live very near actually 10 sec. away. This was very good for me but also very bad for my wallet. Witte de Withstraat has the highest population of bars and restaurants in one street. It also has a variety of small concept stores where you can find everything from a unique pair of sneakers to the coolest posters. It’s also the place to go out in the evening, so if you are thinking about spending the night or maybe finding a place to sleep ;b it’s the place to be! Have fun <3

Witte de Withstraat

Witte de Withstraat

9. Van Oldenbarneveltstraat

Last but not least we have the “Van Oldenbarneveltstraat” which again is just filled with a a lot of awesome shopping possibilities if your budget for spending is a little higher than average, as you on this street can find brands like Sonia Rykiel and Adidas x Y3 ect. If you continue straight ahead you will end up at Hudson Bay where you in the basement of the mall can find an outlet “Saks of 5th” and this place is a designer outlet with premium and luxury brands. Maybe you can find the last season Gucci bag with 50% off!! So hurry up before someone else will get it before you 😉

Okay guys, this was my example of how you can spend a Saturday in Rotterdam, I hope you liked this post and can use it for some inspiration if you are going to visit this super cool city or if you are getting bored on your long weekend in Amsterdam (I don’t think it will happen) buuut definitely go to Rotterdam if you have the time!

Please tell me if you liked the post or if you have any feedback, but for now –

Adios amigos <3

Hugs & kisses


Hugs & Kisses

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