Easy Makeup tips: Makeup that last all day long!

Easy Makeup tips: Makeup that last all day long!

Easy makeup tips

Heeey babes,

The answer to makeup that lasts all day long, is probably something you already have stumbled upon. It is two easy makeup tips, that you will not be able to live without.

If you like me, have been or are dealing with the same problem with your makeup fading throughout the day, I now have the answer to what might help you to have a long-lasting makeup!

For a few years now, especially from family and friends, I have often been given a comment like: “Are you not wearing makeup anymore?” and “You look so tired, is everything okay?!” or “is it makeup free day ?!” But I have of course also noticed myself that after a few hours my makeup would be gone, and I mean like really gone!

But honestly I have been applying makeup like a crazy in front of the  mirror all morning, I’ve put half a bottle of foundation in my face, tried to apply some contour on the cheekbones that I do not have and ended up looking like a cheap version of Kim Kardashian … and goddammit if all the makeup was not gone anyway after 2-3 hours! Do ya feel me..?

I have tried with various primers, serum, creams and setting spray, etc. However, nothing has been effective or worked good enough for me. Now I finally got help from the sweetest sales assistant from Mac Cosmetics in Salling, she quickly understood my problem and could see what I was wearing and helped to find a product that suited me and my first world problems. 😉

Let me introduce you to: 

Prep + Prime from Mac Cosmetics (also called the “glue” among Mac’s retailers).

All nighter setting spray from Urban Decay.

How to use:

To be honest, I do not understand anything about what’s in the ingredients etc. In this case, the only thing I know is that it works on me. It has worked really fine just by itself, and I have now tested it for two months. If you want the ultimate warfare fever Don’t know if you use that expression in English?  (“Krigsmalingsfjæs” in Danish

Ps. It does not mean that it works on you, of course, but it has made a big improvement for my makeup and it’s lasting.

You can find the products online here:

Mac prep + prime

Urban Decay – Allnighter

If you liked this post, just comment and give feedback, or if you have any doubts, I’ll help you as good as I can. Maybe you will also like this blog post: 5 FACE CARE TIPS FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN


(Non-sponsored post, this post does not contain any affiliate links, these are my own experiences!)

Hugs & Kisses

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Easy Makeup tips: Makeup that last all day long!